Since 1999 Plamper has worked on the photo series ‘Figures’. For this series Plamper directs her models rigorously, taking the necessary time to adjust poses meticulously. She alters the black & white photographs using old colour techniques and toner baths.

‘Figures’ is frequently exhibited at exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad. They can be found in private collections (since 2000) and photographs from the series have been purchased by Dutch photograph archives and galleries such as Kunstcentrum Zaanstad, CBK Zuidoost, SBK Centrum Amsterdam and Kunstuitleen Alkmaar.


See also the photo book Figures and Reviews about this art work and the Klokhuis film for an impression of how the figures series gets created at the photo studio.

The size of framed photographs: 40×40 cm and 70×70 cm, in editions of 8 and 5. Photographs can be purchased at exhibitions, via the website or at the studio. This series is ongoing.