Since 2002 Plamper has specialised in photography which shows the importance of creativity in daily life for children and adults. Plamper is co-author and photographer of the Dutch study book ‘Understanding with your hands, a different view on child and creativity’, Amsterdam (2012). In 2016 the second edition of the book was printed.

Plamper combines her two professions photography and pedagogy. During congresses or training sessions she regularly uses her photography for presentations or discussions. Plamper frequently publishes articles about creativity and childhood; she illustrates her point with appropriate photographs.


She is commissioned by several pedagogical magazines, websites and newspapers. Throughout her work Plamper ensures that photography does not merely illustrate a topic but rather receives its own space as an independent medium for communication and art.

More information about Plamper’s cultural work on creativity in the form of training courses, workshops and publications can be found at