The series ‘Traumkartell’ presents special photographs of land- and cityscapes. The photographs shown here are made by Sabine Plamper in collaboration with illustrator Marc Kolle. In cooperation with other artists from different disciplines the series ‘Traumkartell’ can grow in the future.

Curator Joost Bende (gallery 01-Arte) said: “With my first look at ‘Traumkartell’ I had the impression that I was seeing every day, comprehensible  images.


The longer you remain looking at the photographs, the more the elements, which do not occur naturally in the image, seem not to fit. By the playful way they are added to the well-known, there arises a surprisingly digital story.”

The size of framed photographs: 40×40 cm in edition of 8. Technique: mixed media photography & drawing. Single pictures and photographs in series can be purchased at exhibitions, via the website or at the studio. This series is ongoing.